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Foods that keep you from being constipated


Foods that cause constipation Video from LarryCook333 Video Channel on You Tube

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 Constipation comes about, as a result of a lot of things together, or one or two major things:

1)   You are sedentary, sit too much, don't exercise, lay around, sleep all the time, things like that.

2)   If you don't eat enough foods with FIBER in them.  You can either ADD foods with Fiber, get some Pre and Probiotics that will help you, or slighty change your diet in specific ways.

3)   If you eat a lot of JUNK food, or what we basically call FAST FOOD, you can become constipated quickly.

4))   You don't drink enough water. You drink WAY too many sodas, sugared drinks, and sugared juices, or beer, wine and alcohol.

5)    You eat a lot of constipating foods (see below).

6)   You don't eat enough RAW fruits and vegetables. 

7)   Over the counter or pharmaceutical medicines make you constipated.

8)   You NEVER cleanse the Colon, which needs to be done 2 - 4 times a year, at least. It's basically your body's tune-up.

The reason disease starts HERE, in the colon, primarily, is fairly simple. All of the foods we eat, are to some degree stored in this area. After we eat them, the nutrients in those foods are then dispersed into other areas of the body. What isn't needed, is generally retained in the colon. We only eliminate some of what is left in the colon through regular bowel movements.

The problem facing most of us, is that even if you have regular bowel elimination (or irregular bowel elimination), the colon requires a thorough cleansing periodically.

Those with an irregular bowel movement keep more junk in their systems than those who are more regular. You can think of 'cleansing the colon' as a 'tune-up' like your car needs every few months or so. However, most of us, never, cleanse our colons. (The car is more important, right?) So, food literally accumulates inside our colons for years, maybe decades! Your colon becomes a haven for growing seeds of disease, bacteria, and both minor and major illness. This means, that constipated people are 'literally and slowly' killing themselves. What a travesty to the precious bodies that we have! If this is you, STOP doing that.The changes don't have to be MAJOR. Small changes and a slight shift in lifestyle can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.


To be even more graphic, it's like you've grown 'impacted soil' where you continue to deposit 'seeds of sickness'. To keep one's body free of disease, one of the key elements is cleansing the colon and cleansing it often, especially in our society, where 'junk food' has become our primary diet. Your body MUST maintain an alkaline level, not an acidic level. Many Americans have acidic body levels (which aids disease growing inside them), instead of alkaline body levels. Fast food, drinks other than water, and constipating foods keep your body 'acidic'. If you aren't sick now, you will be.


You can cleanse the colon in many ways, through fasting (which most of you are NOT going to do), through eating and drinking only fresh fruit, fresh fruit juices, and water for a day or two a month; by having a colonic every now and then (by a certified health care professional); or by taking a daily colon cleanser that is mild, but does what it needs to do to solve the problem. The last one is the most preferred in our modern, contemporary society. It's easy and it works.

If you want to look better, feel better, and lose weight, start with your colon. Constipation will also make you look OLD. If you want to 'thrive' and have the BEST anti-aging agenda on the planet, keep your colon clean...keep your digestion in tact. Be constipation-free. If you're buying all kinds of creams to make you look young and nothing seems to be happening, start CLEANSING your COLON, and taking herbs or drinks that keep your insides clean, and you WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE!


If you're one of those who stay tired, have continuous colds, have headaches, are overweight, and have a variety of other common ailments, cleansing your colon may just be the answer to some of your problems. At least it's a start, and it doesn't hurt to try. If it helps you, and it most certainly will, in some way or another, the benefits become priceless. In fact, cleansing the colon is the bottom-line basis for every health program you start! Cleansing comes FIRST, as it is the FOUNDATION of the Program, no matter what it is.

You can have the most beautiful, expensive car in the world. If you don't put gas in it, it ceases to have a function and a purpose. The same goes for the body. You can get the cosmetic surgeon to give you the prettiest breasts in the world, you can go to the gym and have the best physique on the block, and you can buy the most expensive European wardrobe, but if you don't FEEL good, and you're sick and unhealthy all the time,
what's the point? You tell me.


The bottom line is that the following foods are the highest top ten on the list for 'stopping you up'.

Meat (Especially Beef and Pork) - Slows down the digestive process terribly and consistently
Potatoes (All Kinds) - Too much starch
Cheeses (All Kinds) - Huge culprit
Fast Food (Hamburgers, Fries, Stuff like that) - Little nutrition, hard to help make the body work properly
Breads - Huge Culprit
Pasta - Huge Culprit
Corn - Too much starch
Pizza - Too much cheese
Milk - Too much mucus and solidifies inside the body
Heavy Sugar Products (Pies, Cakes, Cookies, etc) -  Bogs down the system and creates really low energy, in the long term, not to mention weight problems

I know. I know. They're all the foods we love!! You don't have to give them up entirely, but you do need to balance with some better food choices. If you want to learn more about how

- All These Foods Affect Your Body
-  How They Age You or Keep You Young
-  How You Can Cleanse , and
- How To Keep Yourself Virtually Free From The Most Common Diseases

 Keep reading below or click here for our information-packed Ebook on
"What You Don't Know About Constipation Will Make You Sick! (Foods That Cause Constipation)." If you never purchase the Ebook, at least you know what's 'stopping you up'. Cut these foods in half and add plenty of fresh fruit, fresh juices, fresh vegetables, and pure water, to make yourself feel better and to keep from literally poisoning your body from the inside...out.
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For all you people who don't like products, vitamins, minerals, good food or other things that may help you, you may like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. If you would like more information on this, please click the link below. Gano is an excellent company that offers 'healthy products' in these forms. They are filled with incredible antioxidant properties for great health, constipation, and anti-aging, simply by using them daily, in a form you may prefer more.





What You Don't Know About
Will Make You Sick'

(Foods That Cause Constipation)


 If you only go to the bathroom once a day, you're constipated. If you go less than that you're really constipated. Remember, almost 95% of the population is constipated. Even if you're not, you should do a cleansing procedure at least 2 - 4 times a year. An Ebook that puts you on the right track for only $3.00!


  • "What Will This Ebook Do For Me" is usually what's on everybody's mind? And that's a very reasonable question. I will tell you exactly why this Ebook is something every family will want to have:

  • This Ebook lets you know what foods cause constipation
  • It lets you know what foods help to eliminate constipation
  • It helps you make better food choices for your kids and for yourself
  • It gives you valuable information you hardly ever get other places
  • It gives you resources and a plan to show you an easier and more effective way to better health
  • It's conversational and easy to understand for every person in your family

After you read this Ebook, You Can Look and Feel Better If You Choose To
You Will Definitely Be A Lot More Informed About What Your Body Needs


his e-book is a fun read and clearly presents information that practically everyone can benefit from, whether (s)he has constipation or not. Janeska tells us specifically what types of food we eat that can cause health problems and what foods lead to excellent health. She also provides gems that only a small percentage of people know, like "Microwave ovens literally ‘zap’ all the nutrients out of your food." The book will be especially useful for people who don't have much time to spend on learning how to cure constipation and live a healthier life.

 Richard Rose, publisher, www.ManipulationNation.com (vegan for 10 years)
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